Being involved in the fitness industry for 10 years now I’ve come to understand on a deeper level the correlation between what we put in our body to how we look and feel. 

After my very first client transformation, I quickly realized where my passion is. Now in a position where I have the knowledge and ability to drastically change the quality of people’s life’s through what I have learned is something i’m very fortunate for and something i’ll be passionate about for a long time.



Michaela Belton, Lost 21kgs with DHF

“During my journey so far with Daniel we have smashed some unbelievable goals! Not only has Daniel been a great coach who pushes me far beyond limits I never knew I had, but he has also been a great friend and I think this is something that has helped me improve my mental health along the way. It’s having a coach who supports you every step of the way, celebrates your losses, but also celebrates your gains!”